“Please make me a real boy…” Haley Joel Osment chillingly utters, much akin to the story of “Pinocchio,” from which A.I. Artificial Intelligence reverberates. A long-time project of Stanley Kubrick and based on a short story by Brian Aldiss, passed onto Steven Spielberg after Kubrick’s death, A.I. is a futuristic fairy tale, masterfully presented by Spielberg.

Though critically shunned by some, A.I. is a delight to those who probe deeper into the mists of the film. While some might find the “Pinocchio” references a bit cliché, A.I. really is a unique film in it’s own rights, and, while it takes on the basic principles of C. Collodi’s Italian tale of a wooden boy, Steven Spielberg breathes new life into it, forming it into a fairy tale of it’s own as well.

Stanley Kubrick shines through Steven Spielberg’s magnificent directing, and every scene echoes with reflections of Kubrick. The ending, in particular, which some people seem to despise, is truly Stanley Kubrick’s, and will have you puzzled and thinking over it for days on end. Steven Spielberg does a fabulous job directing this fairy tale – But I foresee that this will quickly become like another of Spielberg’s forgotten masterpieces, Empire of the Sun. Some might hate it, and I can easily guarantee that a good portion of you who are reading this will hate it as well. The average Joe Movie-Watcher will not be so quick to praise A.I. (they better run out quickly and find another wedding gift for their mate ;)), but those who realize that this film is ultimately a fairy tale for this modern age, able to be bent and formed by it’s storyteller (Much the same way Empire was told from young Jim’s imaginative perspective), will realize A.I. for the masterpiece that it is.

And this site, The Mysteries of A.I., is the key to understanding the film and enjoying it for what it truly is. Through scene-by-scene analysis, explanations of the various symbolism, and much more, you will truly begin to grasp this film - No matter whether you be Roger Ebert or Joe Popcorn.


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